The CAMPESINO Salami Especial , has been reformulated to satisfy the demand of the new generation of consumers. It is a product that is full of protein, flavor, and is Gluten Free. The design of the casing is based on our Cibao Meat Products logo that way the consumers can identify it easier.

We recommend the Hispanic community to look, try, and savor the new formula of the distinctive CAMPESINO Salami Especial .

The experience of making meat products with the highest standard quality since 1969 gives us the authorization to say CAMPESINO Salami Especial is the best investment one cane make when make purchasing a deli product.

Remember our slogan: “If you don’t see our logo from the start, don’t put it in your shopping cart!” This salami is one that you should definitely put in your cart.
Enjoy the CAMPESINO Salami Especial .

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